Rock climbing in nearby Trodena.


Only 4km away from our house and within the „Trudner Horn“ Natural Park you can enjoy rock climbing in a fantastic open space arena purposely built and adapted for this type of activity; climbers can choose between natural limestone rocks and artificial climbing walls. The arena is divided between two sectors; one lower, easier sector in proximity of the carpark, and one higher sector accessible via trail 12. All together there are 4 climbing routes with difficulty grade 3 and 4, 20 routes with difficulty grades between 5a and 5c, 41 further routes with difficulty grades up to 6c, and one route graded 7a. The whole area is easily accessible from the carpark located inside the park itself.

Upon request we can escort you on your climbs throughout the day.

Informations: 0039 0471 887103 or 0039 339 138 8901